Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection Systems

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For a cutting-edge plumbing leak detection and automatic water shut-off solution that protects your entire property, you can depend on RDT. The RS-360 detects unseen plumbing leaks or near-freezing temperatures and automatically takes action to minimize any potential property damage. Standard valve sizes are available from 3/4″ to 4″ to fit any application. The unit is easy to install and requires no electrical wiring.

Read more about the RS-360’s advanced features and available options.

Complete wireless plumbing leak protection systems

How Does the RS-360 Work?

Detect leaks and automatically shut off the water supply

Detects and Shuts Off

Dual sensors detect leaks or temperature dips and shut off the water supply.

Sounds an audible alarm when a leak is detected

Sounds the Alarm

An audible alarm is sounded, notifying you that a leak or near-freezing temperature has been detected.

Automatically calls you when a leak is detected

Texts or Calls You

The SensorSays™ accessory sends a customizable cellular SMS text message the instant a leak or low temperature is detected. The Auto Dialer is also available for land line-generated phone call notifications.

Why Choose the RS-360?

Combination Plumbing Leak and Temperature Monitoring

Plumbing Leak AND Temperature Monitoring

If the RS-360 detects a leak, or if the temperature dips to 45˚, it shuts off the water supply before pipes freeze.

Supports up to 80 wireless sensors, with a range of up to 100 feet

Wireless Sensor and Receiver Range

Each system can accommodate up to 80 total wireless sensors, with a range of up to 100′. No hard wire installation required.

Provides peace of mind thanks to 24/7 monitoring

Peace of Mind – Around the Clock

Get on with life knowing that the RS-360 is monitoring leaks and temperature in your home or business 24/7.

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Accessories to Customize Your Solution

Extra Wireless Sensors

Each RS-360 system accommodates up to 80 total sensors. Easily programmable.

Satellite Sensor Wire Rope Kit

Use this rope-style sensor in conjunction with your wireless sensor for hard-to-reach locations (under a fridge or dishwasher); discreet sensing in areas where aesthetics are key; or applications where perimeter coverage is preferable to a single point of contact.

Liquid Level Sensors for Use with Water Leak Detection / Alarm Systems

Monitor fluid levels in addition to detecting plumbing leaks by utilizing a wide variety of Madison Company liquid level sensors that can easily be added to – or used in place of – standard RDT conductivity sensors.

Wireless Signal Repeater

One per receiver. Works to triangulate wireless signals around interferences. Easy install.

SensorSays Cellular Text Notification Device

Provides an automatic cellular SMS text message the instant a water or low temperature fault is detected. Create customized alert messages and send them to up to 3 recipients.

Auto Dialer

Receive automatic alerts via phone call to your cell or land line any time the system detects a fault condition. Dials up to 9 numbers. Fully programmable.

Allows for positioning of the receiver further away from the valve.

Hard-Wired Water Switch

Hard-wired wall switch that allows users to manually override system functionality and close the valve to shut off water flow, eliminating any chance of water damage.

Wireless Switch Kit

Wireless kinetic wall switch that allows users to manually override system functionality and close the valve to shut off water flow, eliminating any chance of water damage.

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