Water Leak Protection for Every Space & Budget

Appliance and plumbing leaks are unpredictable and can happen at any time, potentially filling an unattended building with water. RDT delivers the most diverse, innovative selection of water leak alarm and automatic water shut-off systems in the industry – including our time-tested FloodMaster line – to protect homes, condo/apartment complexes and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes.

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Water Leak Monitoring & Shut-Off Solutions for Every Space & Budget

State-of-the-Art, Wireless Full-Facility Protection

Wireless Leak/Low Temperature Alarm, Automatic Water Main Shut-Off System

The RS-360 provides the highest level of protection against water leaks and frozen pipes. This cutting-edge wireless system is easily expandable to monitor an entire multi-floor facility and provides optional notifications via phone. See how it works, or view full RS-360 system specs.

Wired Leak Alarm & Main Shut-Off SystemWired Leak Alarm & Main Shut-Off

The RS-080 automatically shuts off the main water supply to a building or plumbing section. This wired system is designed for localized leak detection for a single room or floor. View full system specs.

Appliance Leak Alarm & Shut-OffAppliance Leak Alarm & Shut-Off

Appliance systems sound an alarm and automatically shut off the water supply to a water heater, hose-fed appliance or washing machine when a water leak is detected.

Basic Water AlarmsBasic Water Alarms

Basic plug-in and battery-powered systems sound an alarm when water is detected around sump pumps, clean rooms, HVAC condensate pans and much more.

Provide peace of mind, around the clock

Become an RDT distributor and begin offering your customers reliable, cutting-edge water leak protection systems that they’ll really love. Contact us today!

State-of-the-art wireless protection from water leaks and frozen pipes

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