Localized Leak Protection Systems & Simple Water Alarms

FloodMaster Products

FloodMaster water leak protection productsFloodMaster®  localized leak detection and alarm/shut-off systems from RDT protect property from extensive water damage in the event of water heater, hose-fed appliance (dishwasher, etc.), water tank, washing machine or other plumbing fixture failure – even if no one is there when the leak occurs.

FloodMaster’s receiver box sounds an alarm when sensors placed in the area of potential leaks come in contact with water or other conductive liquids. FloodMaster offers two additional levels of protection:

  • Our appliance systems automatically turn off the water supply to your water heater, water tank, washing machine, washing machine or other appliance when a leak is detected.
  • Full-facility plumbing leak protection systems turn off the water supply to the entire building or facility plumbing section when a leak is detected.

Affordable and easy to install, FloodMaster systems offer 24/7 protection for your home or business and your valuables – and they may qualify you for insurance discounts. We suggest utilizing a licensed plumber for all installations to ensure compliance with local codes.

Looking for a more sophisticated solution to protect your entire property? Check out RDT’s wireless, app-based RSC-900 plumbing leak protection system.

Plumbing Leak Protection Systems – Leak Detection & Water Main Shut-Off

Plumbing Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off SystemPlumbing Leak Protection SystemsFloodMaster’s RS-080 Plumbing Leak Detection and Automatic Shut-Off System sounds an alarm and automatically shuts off the water supply line to the building when a leak is detected. These systems protect against extensive water damage where plumbing or appliance failures could cause extensive flooding.

  • Ideal for expandable, localized leak detection (one room, one floor, etc.) with full-facility water main shutoff protection
  • Add up to 5 additional sensors or Sensing Ropes to extend monitoring range
  • Standard valves in sizes from 3/4″ to 4″ meet NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 potable water standards – suitable for residential, commercial and oversized applications
  • Easy install – easy reset
  • Includes audible alarm and silence mode
  • Remote alarm box location capability
  • Output contacts can interface with a home security/automation system, control panel, building automation system, or the RDT Auto Dialer

Available Models:

RS-080: Wired Water Main Shut-Off Systems

Appliance Water Leak Detection, Alarm & Shut-Off Systems

Water Heater, Dishwasher & Washing Machine Leak Detection & Shut-Off SystemsWater Alarm & Appliance Shut-Off SystemsFloodMaster offers water leak mitigation systems that sound an alarm and automatically shut off the water supply to a water heater, dishwasher or washing machine when a leak is detected.

  • Easy installation – easy reset
  • No wiring required or batteries to charge – simply plug into wall outlet
  • Systems are reusable – when the alarm sounds, fix the problem and reset unit for continued protection
  • Some models can interface with a home security system or appropriate relay
  • All corrosion-free materials

Available Models:

RS-094: Water Heater / Tank Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off System
   RS-094 Modified Kits: for low-profile tanks and installations requiring an electrical plug or gas flow interrupter

RS-092: Hose-Fed Appliance Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off System – For dishwashers, ice makers, RO systems and beverage dispensers

RS-090-E: Washing Machine Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off System with Integrated Outlet Box

Water Leak Alarms

Water Leak AlarmsSimple Water Alarms FloodMaster’s most basic level of protection is an audible alarm that sounds when a water leak is detected. Available either battery-powered or AC-powered with security system interface. Units with elevated sensors notify you of near-overflow conditions in HVAC, HVACR and water chiller condensate pans.

  • Easy installation – easy reset
  • No wiring required – simply plug into wall outlet or install battery
  • Systems are reusable – when the alarm sounds, fix the problem and reset unit for continued protection

Available Models:

RS-095: Battery-Powered Water Leak Alarm System
RS-096: Plug-In Water Leak Alarm System with Security System Interface
RS-097: HVAC / Air Conditioner Condensate Pan Overflow Alarm

Choose from a full range of accessories to customize your FloodMaster system, including additional wired sensors, our Sensing Rope and Auto Dialer. Click here for details.

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