Legacy RS-360 Wireless Signal Repeater

Model RSA-360-200

Use the RSA-360-200 Wireless Signal Repeater to boost signal performance between wireless sensors and the receiver in legacy Reliance RS-360 Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection Systems.


One per receiver. Works to triangulate
wireless signals around
interferences. Easy install.

SKU: RSA-360-200

Wireless Signal Repeater

A number of construction and environmental factors can be responsible for weak signal strength in wireless networking. Much like a cell phone signal, the wireless sensor communication can be blocked by cement walls, metal panels and close proximity to devices that generate electromagnetic fields (such as motors, contactors or variable frequency drives). The RSA-360-200 Wireless Signal Repeater provides the same advanced user interface cues as the RSA-360’s wireless sensors:

  • Easy push-button pairing and unpairing into and out of the network
  • Visual indication of wireless signal strength for ease of installation
  • Visual indicators for low battery and lost communication that take the guesswork out of system security and maintenance

The RSA-360-200 repeater works off of a standard wall outlet (120 VAC power) and (2) AA batteries (included) that provide on-board battery backup to maintain the integrity of the system during a power outage. Attempting to run the repeater on battery power as a normal operating condition is not recommended and will result in reduced battery life and inadvertent lost communication errors within the system. The RS-360 can accommodate a single RSA-360-200 per receiver.

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