FAQs: Legacy RSA-360-200 Wireless Signal Repeater

Boost signal performance between wireless sensors and receiver in legacy RS-360 wireless systems.

Does the Repeater come with the RS-360 package?

No. It must be ordered separately as needed.

I plugged in the Repeater and the battery fault LED started flashing red before I even put batteries in the unit. How can I remedy this?

There are two ways to remedy this:

  1. Unplug the unit. All lights will turn off. Place batteries into repeater. The unit will flash all LED’s and then go dormant. Plug the repeater in to the wall.
  2. With the repeater still plugged in, place batteries into the Repeater. Press and release the Pairing Button on the Repeater. The flashing LED should turn off.

How do I pair the Repeater into the system?

The same way you would pair a Sensor to a Receiver.

Press and hold the Receiver Pairing button for five seconds and release when the Receiver Status Indicator LED starts flashing green. Next, press and hold the Sensor (or Repeater) Pairing button for five seconds and release. While holding down the Sensor Pairing button, the Sensor Status Indicator LED on the Sensor will start flashing green. After releasing the Sensor Pairing button, both the Receiver and Sensor (or Repeater) Status Indicator LED’s will turn solid green for approximately 1 second to indicate that the pairing process was successful.

How do I un-pair the Repeater?

The same way you would un-pair a Sensor from a Receiver. Press and hold the Receiver Pairing button for 15 seconds (red flashing LED), followed by pressing and holding the Repeater (or Sensor) Pairing button for 15 seconds (red flashing LED). See the User Guide for additional information.

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