FAQs: FloodMaster Water Leak Detection, Alarm & Shut-Off Systems

General questions about the FloodMaster product line:

What is the warranty on my FloodMaster unit?

FloodMaster LLC, the Seller, warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 3 years. The Seller’s obligation under this warranty is solely and exclusively limited to the repair and replacement, FOB point of manufacture, the product or part thereof which the Seller’s inspection discloses to be defective. Modification, misuse, attempted repair by others, improper installation, or operation shall render this warranty null and void. There are no other warranties expressed or implied whether of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise. The Seller shall in no event be liable for any property damage, personal injury, or any consequential damages, resulting directly or indirectly from the use or operation. Click here to download our complete Product Warranty document (PDF).

Are insurance discounts available if I have a FloodMaster system installed?

Can I reuse the FloodMaster unit on another appliance when my existing one reaches its end of life?

Certainly! That’s one of the design features of the FloodMaster unit.

Does the FloodMaster unit need any regular maintenance?

We recommend users exercise (press and release) the Reset, Silence, and Teach buttons annually to ensure proper operation and maintain clean electrical contacts. Users may also wish to periodically function test the FloodMaster unit. To do so, place the sensor on a damp paper towel. This will cause the alarm to sound and allow you to confirm valve closure. Once verified, dry off the sensor and reset the Alarm Box to open the valve and begin water flow again.

Note: Early versions of the FloodMaster system do not have a Reset button. These units can be reset by disconnecting the electrical transformer from the wall outlet for approximately 5 seconds and plugging it back in.

Where are your products made?

FloodMaster Leak Detection units are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our facility is located in Branford, CT.

Do your systems work in condominiums and apartments?

Yes, common-risk dwellings such as apartments and condos are an ideal application for FloodMaster Leak Detection and Shutoff Systems. A water leak knows no boundaries, especially when they occur on the second, third or fourth floor, where one person’s problem can quickly engulf many other units.

What is the NEMA rating on the Valve Actuators?

The Total Water Main (RS-080) actuators are rated for NEMA 4X or higher. Please contact us for information on other product offering actuators.

Can your product be used on other applications besides water?

Our leak detection sensors work for any conductive liquid. However, not all materials are compatible with the internal components of the valve bodies. Please contact us to confirm the best product for your application.

What is the voltage the valve is operated at?

The voltage of the valve is 24 VAC.

What is the voltage of the wall transformer?

The voltage of the wall transformer is 120 VAC.

Is there voltage on the pucks sensor probes?

Yes, 12 VDC.

What is the maximum temperature rating for the wired sensor puck system?

The Receiver Box on models RS-080, RS-096 and RS-097 is rated for use in an ambient temperature up to 60 degrees C/140 degrees F.  The RS-092 and RS-094 models’ Receiver Box is rated for ambient temperatures between 0 degrees F to 100 degrees F.  The Valve Actuator on the RS-080 is rated for use in ambient temperature between -4 degrees F to + 131 degrees F.  The valve bodies are typically rated for water temperatures up to 366 degrees F (consult specific product Technical Data Sheets for additional details).  Sensors are not affected by water or ambient temperature, as water is still conductive at any temperature.

What is the sensitivity of your water sensors?

Our wired models (RS-0xx) have a resistivity of 145K Ohms. Which means it will activate if the liquid’s resistance is 145K Ohms or lower.  The one exception is our RS-095 unit, which has a resistivity of 5M Ohms.

Our wireless model RS-360 has a resistivity of 4.5M Ohms. Which means it will activate if the liquid’s resistance is 4.5M Ohms or lower.

Is the sensor cable plenum rated?

Yes, the current product offering provides plenum-rated wires.

How loud is the audible alarm?

The audible alarm is rated at 83 decibels.

What is the rating on the dry output contacts on the Receiver?

All RS-0XX systems, with the exception of the RS-095 unit, provide dry output contacts (NO/C/NC) for tying into a home security panel or for use with an appropriate relay for the control of another device.  The dry contacts are rated for 3 A @ 250 VAC.

What material are the water sensor conductivity elements ("pins") made of?

Wired sensor pucks (RSA-1XX-XXX) are made of brass with gold finish. Wire Ropes (RSA-175-XXX) are made of tinned copper.

Installation and system configuration options:

How long does it take to install the FloodMaster valve?

If a FloodMaster valve is installed simultaneously with the replacement of a water heater or other new appliance, the installation time for the FloodMaster unit may take no longer than the time it would take to replace the water heater by itself. If a FloodMaster unit is being added on to an existing, installed appliance (as would be the case in a retrofit), then the installation time would take the same amount of time if you would install any shut-off valve. Click here for more installation information.

Does FloodMaster require a pan be used?

Pans are not required by FloodMaster, but local codes vary. Check your local plumbing code to ensure compliance.

Can I add additional sensor pucks to my system?

Yes, RS-080, RS-092, RS-094, RS-096 and RS-097 systems can accommodate additional pucks for a wider area of leak detection. We recommend wired FloodMaster systems not exceed 6 pucks.

How do I add additional sensor pucks to the system?

Each system comes with (1) wired sensor puck with a standard 8′ cable length. Additional sensors and wire sensing rope configuration can be added to complete your leak detection needs. Additional sensor are easily wired to pins 6 & 7 or 8 & 9 on the receiver terminal block. Multiple sensors can be wired to either set of pins. Reference accessory sensors RSA-1XX-XXX.

What is the maximum cable length between the alarm box and wired sensor puck?

The standard sensor puck cable length is 8′. Longer cable lengths (25′, 50′ and 100′) are also available from FloodMaster. Wire sensor rope is rated at a maximum of (10) 10′ lengths, or 100′, as well. Reference accessory sensors RSA-1XX-XXX.

Can I add additional cable to the sensor puck?

Yes – you can use 22 AWG 2 or 3 conductor cable to splice onto the existing cable.

Can I connect the wall transformer to a wall extension cord?

Yes. An commercially available power supply rated for 19 Watts / 120 Volts or higher will work.

How many valves can I attach to one alarm box?

Only one valve can be attached per alarm box.

How can I turn off both the Hot and Cold water feed lines?

Can the receiver be remotely located from the valve?

Yes, but only on the RS-080 models. Cable adder of up to 100′ can be ordered from the factory to facilitate the remote location of the alarm box. Reference part number RSA-400-XXX.

Is there a backup battery for the system?

System operation:

After an alarm, how do I reset my unit to begin the flow of water again?

Our more recent designs have a Reset button on the face of the Receiver. Press and release the Reset button to begin the flow of water again. Some of our earlier models did not include the Reset button. If your unit does not have a Reset button, simply unplug the unit from the wall outlet for a few seconds and then plug it back in. This will signal the valve to open and water will begin to flow again.

How do I silence the audible alarm?

As long as the sensor puck remains in water or otherwise wet, the audible alarm will continue to sound. In order to silence the alarm, remove the sensor puck from the water and dry off the metal contacts on the underside. If you have a wireless unit, you can press the Silence button on the alarm box to silence the water alarm.

What happens when there is a power failure?

The RS-094 and RS-080 units will remain in whatever position they were in prior to the power failure (open or closed); the RS-090 Washing Machine units does require electricity to remain closed.

Can I manually control the operation of the valve?

The FM-080 Total Water Main Units provide for manual operation of the valve. The RS-094 Water Heater valve can be manually operated by removing the actuator and applying a pliers to the valve stem. The RS-090 Washing Machine unit does not provide for manual operation of the valve.

Can I remotely open and close the valve?


Can your system alert me remotely when it goes into alarm?

RDT offers an Auto Dialer accessory kit that easily connects to our systems and will automatically dial up to 9 previously programmed telephone numbers when the unit goes into alarm (a leak is detected). Auto Dialer sold separately, reference P/N RSA-600-003.

Can you system be used to turn on/off another device, such as a pump?

Yes, all of our units (with the exception of the FM-095 Battery-Operated Alarm) come with an optional dry contact wire. This dry contact can be wired to an appropriate relay to control another device, such as a sump pump, appliance, etc. Click here for electrical wiring schematics for hard-wired or plug-in relays (PDF).

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