Wireless Water Switch Valve Control Kit

Model RSA-500-100

Powered by kinetic energy, this wireless wall switch allows users to manually override RS-360 system functionality and close the valve to shut off water flow, eliminating any chance of water damage.

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Wireless Water Switch

While the benefits of the RS-360 Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection System are hard to overstate, some users additionally want the finality that comes with actively shutting down the water main when they know their home or facility will be unoccupied for a long period of time. The RSA-500-100 Wireless Water Switch Kit includes everything needed to do just that via a simple flip of a wall switch. This particular switch is powered by kinetic energy and does not require power at the switch or electrical wiring to the RS-360 receiver.

Note that when the RSA-500-100 Wireless Water Switch Override is active (On/Closed), normal RS-360 leak detection and low temperature monitoring capabilities will be deactivated. Installation of the 12V gel cell battery at the RS-360 receiver is required for this accessory to operate.

Benefits include:

  • Place the wall switch in a convenient location – no more running up and down stairs to turn the water off and back on.
  • Leak detection monitoring when you need it and the ultimate certainty that the water is turned off at your fingertips.
  • With wireless kinetic energy powering switch operation, there is no need to run electrical wiring between the water switch and the RS-360 receiver.

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