Legacy – SensorSays™ – Cellular Text Notification System

Legacy Model RSA-600-004

SensorSays Text Message Notification of Water LeaksNOTE: This is a legacy product.

Designed to work exclusively with the RDT/FloodMaster product line for enhanced leak detection and automatic water fault notification.

The SensorSays RSA-600-004 cellular notification device provides an automatic SMS text message the minute your legacy RDT RS-360 or FloodMaster RS-0XX Plumbing Leak Protection System detects a water fault. Create your own customized alert messages and send them to up to 3 recipients in the event of a leak detection system activation/water fault.

Provide additional protection for your home, office or tenants’ assets and receive immediate cellular text message notification with this reliable system. Stop worrying and know that you and others will receive immediate text message alerts and event notifications.

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How SensorSays Works

  1. Sensor input is activated
  2. Audible alarm sounds
  3. Text message is immediately sent to up to 3 cell phones

SensorSays Features

  • Special kit specifically designed for easy integration with RDT/FloodMaster systems – call RDT directly to order this configuration
  • SMS messages are sent over the reliable Verizon network*
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • DC adaptor with battery back-up
  • Two-way communication allows you to check your SensorSays unit’s status at any time
  • Float switches, level sensors and other types of sensors can be added to the system to monitor remote assets, texting you whenever their condition changes. Contact RDT for more information.

Verizon Network Certified - 2 Year Limited Warranty

* Additional $49.00 annual cellular contract required for online activation via the SensorSays.com web portal.

Notification of Power Outages

Power Outages

Notifies you when the power goes out – and when it returns.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Onboard battery backup ensures that you will receive notifications – even during power outages.

Cellular Device Ready

Cellular Device Ready

Receive instant cellular text messages on any mobile phone. More reliable than WiFi.

Simple Installation & Configuration


Do-it-yourself install and configuration. Service available within U.S. Verizon network. Easy online billing. 2-year warranty.

Use SensorSays for automatic text message notifications when monitoring:

RS-360 Wireless Whole House Leak Protection System

Whole House

(Legacy Wireless RS-360)

RS-094 Water Heater Leak Detection System

Water Heaters


RS-094 Washing Machine Leak Detection System

Washing Machines


RS-080 Leak Detection & Water Main Shut-Off System

Mechanical Rooms


RS-097 HVAC Pan Leak Detection System

HVAC Units


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