Legacy Satellite Sensor Wire Rope Water Sensor

Model RSA-360-810

Use this rope-style sensor in conjunction with your wireless sensor for hard-to-reach locations (under a fridge or dishwasher); discreet sensing in areas where aesthetics are key; or applications where perimeter coverage is preferable to a single point of contact. Kit includes one 10′ length of rope; snap-fit additional lengths (RSA-175-010) for up to 100′ of coverage.

Exclusively for use with legacy RDT model RSA-360-001 wireless sensors and RS-360 Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection Systems.

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Certain applications or leak detection requirements may require the use of a Sensing Rope attachment for the RSA-360-001 wireless sensor. This converts the stock sensor into a wireless transmitter for the rope-style sensor. The Sensing Rope easily attaches to the standard wireless sensor and affords users a wide array of options, such as:

  • Leak detection across a wider area or perimeter
  • Discrete sensor location – the wireless sensor/transmitter can be hidden from view in areas where aesthetics are a greater concern
  • Overcoming locations with a weak wireless signal – the wireless sensor becomes a wireless transmitter that can be moved up and off the floor to improve wireless signal performance
  • An easy solution for challenging spots such as under a refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine

The highly absorbent water Sensing Rope is constructed from two twisted metal conductor wires that are insulated from one another and surrounded by a polyethylene mesh braid jacket. The ends are male/female quick-disconnect snap connectors for easy installation and removal. Up to 100 feet of sensor rope (10 lengths) may be connected to a single RSA-360-001 wireless sensor.

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