Wireless, App-Based Water Leak Detection Monitoring System

Model RSC-900-W

Central Monitoring AvailableThe RSC-900-W is a sensor-based wireless system designed to protect properties by providing immediate notification when a plumbing leak is detected. If you are looking for the latest in wireless, app-driven water leak detection technology but do not wish to interrupt the water flow, this is the solution is for you.

The system consists of a central communication hub, water flood sensors, and a free, user-friendly app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. If the sensor detects a leak, it signals the hub, which sends out the “Leak” alert via the app. Fault notifications and status check-in are communicated through the app from any Internet-enabled device.

Installation does not require a plumber and causes no plumbing disruption. The system is, however, scalable at any time to add automatic water shut-off. Click here if you do want to shut down the water when a leak is detected.

The RSC-900-W is especially suited for the following applications:

Office break rooms, hotels, multi-family and condominium buildings, assisted living facilities, equipment protection for healthcare and dental facilities, fan coil heating/cooling units

Wireless, app-based leak detection

RSC-900-W Features:

  • Built around the same class-leading technology as our popular RSC-900-AW system – without the automatic shut-off actuator
  • The RSC-900 app for iOS or Android devices provides instant, automatic notifications
  • Battery-operated, wireless leak detection system for easy installation and monitoring almost anywhere
  • Addressable sensors with high/low temperature alerts make it easy to pinpoint the cause of an alarm
  • Operates via wireless system network; does not use local Wi-Fi
  • Administer multiple systems from a single app
  • Supports up to 29 total wireless devices – any combination of water flood sensors or repeaters (maximum 2 repeaters)
  • Cloud-based Central Monitoring Station access is available for commercial multi-unit applications


  • Office buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Homes/condos
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical centers

Download the RSC-900 app on the App Store  Get the RSC-900 app on Google Play

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Accessories – each system supports up to 29 total devices:

  • Extra Wireless Water Flood Sensors (RSC-900-W-001) Purchase as many wireless sensors as needed to accommodate your leak and low/high temperature detection requirements. Wireless signal range is 200′ between the sensor and the hub.
  • Wireless Rope-Style Water Sensor Kit (RSC-900-W-175) This rope-style wireless sensor is ideal for hard-to-reach locations; discreet sensing in areas where aesthetics are key; or applications where perimeter coverage is preferable to a single point of contact.
  • Wireless Signal Repeater (RSC-900-X-200) Use the repeater to increase range or improve the signal performance between RSC-900 wireless devices and the hub. Max. 2 repeaters per system.
  • Extra Wireless Actuator & Valve (RSC-900-W-310-X) Purchase as many actuator/valve assemblies as needed to accommodate your system’s water supply shut-off requirements. Ideal for installations requiring control of both hot and cold water feed lines. Wireless signal range is 200′ between the actuator and hub. Valve sizes from 1/2″ to 1-1/4″.

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