FloodMaster FM-094/FM-194 Legacy Product Information

FloodMaster FM-094/FM-194 Legacy Product Information

Below you will find documentation for FloodMaster legacy model FM-094 and FM-194 Water Heater Leak Detection & Automatic Water Supply Shut-Off Systems. 

Click here for the current version of this product: the RS-094.

FM-094/FM-194 Installation Information & Documentation (PDF)


If the FloodMaster unit detects a leak in a water heater and shuts off the cold water intake to the water heater, what will happen to the water inside the tank? Will it leak out or stay in the tank?

The water inside the tank may stay there (inside the tank) if a sufficient vacuum has been set up in the system. The worst-case is that the water inside the tank will leak out, but no more water will enter the tank since the FloodMaster valve is closed. The maximum amount of water that will leak out into the premises is, therefore, the maximum capacity of the tank itself. This is better, however, than a continuing flow of water from the intake cold water line through the malfunctioning water heater tank into the premises (in the absence of a FloodMaster valve), especially if the occupants of the premises are not on-site and water flows freely for an extended length of time.

Is there any restriction as to the energy source of the water heater unit when installing a FloodMaster valve?

There are no such restrictions.

What does the dial on the back of the FM-094 Actuator do? Should I ever try to turn it?

The round black dial on the back of the actuator motor is an external representation of the valve in motion. Turning the dial can affect the proper operation of the unit. Do not turn or otherwise tamper with the dial.

Why doesn't my FM-094 valve reopen when I hit Reset or unplug the unit?

Check for proper installation of the tee. The arrow embossed on the exterior of the tee should be pointing in the same direction as the water flow in the pipe. If the arrow is pointing in the opposite direction of the water flow, re-install the tee to correct the problem. Please see the legacy FM-094 installation instructions (PDF) for more information.

What is the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rate of the FM-094 Water Tank valve?

The flow rate will depend on the inlet water pressure for the specific application. Here are a few examples:

Inlet Pressure Flow in GPM
10 psi 7.82 GPM
15 psi 11.06 GPM
20 psi 13.55 GPM
25 psi 15.65 GPM
30 psi 17.50 GPM
35 psi 19.17 GPM
40 psi 20.70 GPM
50 psi 23.48 GPM
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