Legacy SensorSays™ 24/7 Sump Pump Monitoring & Cellular Text Notification System

Legacy Model # SM4838

Sump pump monitoring and cellular text notification systemNOTE: This is a legacy product.

Lets you know when the sump is on and – more importantly – when it’s not keeping up! Works with ANY sump pump model and brand.

SensorSays kit SM4838 sends an automatic, real-time alert to up to three cell phone numbers when a sump reaches a high water level – notifying you before a potential disaster and providing invaluable peace of mind.

SensorSays Text Message Notification of Water Leaks
SensorSays Text Message Notification SystemKit includes three sensor options

Detect the Unseen… Before the Worst Happens!

SKU: SensorSays-SM4838

How SensorSays Works with Sump Pumps

  1. Water level rises in the pit.
  2. SensorSays detects the rising level, sounds an alarm and immediately sends a text message to up to three cell phones.
  3. Text notification of trouble is received in real time – every time!

SensorSays Features

  • Works with ANY sump pump model and brand – great for new installations and for easily retrofitting existing pumps.
  • Provides peace of mind that your sump is on and running.
  • Includes onboard high/low temperature sensor to monitor the heating system, providing notification if the inside temperature drops below your set point.
  • Features onboard battery backup.
  • Powered by robust Verizon cellular service* – not unreliable home WiFi.
  • Sends fully customizable text messages to up to three cell phones.
  • Kit includes three sensor options: multi-level float switch, conductivity switch and single-level float switch.
  • Easy to install, easy to activate and easy to use.

Verizon Network Certified - 2 Year Limited Warranty

* Additional $49.00 annual cellular contract required for online activation via the SensorSays.com web portal.

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