Liquid Level Sensors for Use with Water Leak Detection / Alarm Systems

Sensor Accessories for Pits, Tanks and Non-Conductive Liquid Level Monitoring

Madison CompanyDo you need to monitor fluid levels in addition to detecting plumbing leaks? Any of the Madison Company liquid level sensors found on this page can easily be added to – or used in place of – standard RDT and FloodMaster conductivity sensors.

Wire to pins 6 & 7 or 8 & 9 on the FloodMaster RS-096 terminal block for simple audible alarm/notification, or add to RS-080, RS-094 or legacy RS-360 systems for valve actuation.  These sensors can be set in the field for Normally Open and Normally Closed dry contact operation, for High/Low level alarms, or for pump-on and pump-off control. Contact us for details on how easy it is to integrate this liquid level sensing capability with any new or existing RDT plumbing leak protection system.

Quick-Pick Selection Guide for Sumps, Pumps and Pans

Model M4189* M8000 M8700 M8790 MSB8800
M4189 Tilt Float Switch Level Sensor M8000 Vertical Polypropylene Liquid Level Sensor M8700 Side-Mounted Polypropylene Liquid Level Switch M8790 Side-Mounted Polypropylene Liquid Level Switch MSB8800 Vertical Polypropylene Liquid Level Switch
Orientation Vertical Vertical Side Mounted Side Mounted Vertical
Material Plastic Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Mounting Tethered 1/8″ NPT** 1/2″ NPT** Self-Sealing Bracket
Typical Application Sumps & Ponds Tanks & Pits Pans & Catch Basins Pans & Catch Basins Sumps, Bilges & Turbulence
Product Data Sheet PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF

* Tilt Float Switch – Use with or without Alarm Box; can be wired directly to control pumps up to 1/2 HP.

** Threaded Stem

Quick-Pick Selection Guide for Industrial and Chemical Applications

Model M4500 M5600 M5920
M4500 Vertical Brass/Buna-N Liquid Level Switch M5600 Vertical Stainless Steel Liquid Level Switch M5920 Side-Mounted Stainless Steel Liquid Level Sensor
Orientation Vertical Vertical Side Mounted
Material Brass/Buna-N Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Mounting 1/8″ NPT** 1/4″ NPT** 1/2″ NPT**
Typical Application Petroleum Oil & Chemicals High Purity, High Temp & Corrosives High Purity, High Temp & Corrosives
Product Data Sheet PDF PDF PDF

** Threaded Stem

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