Plumbing Leak Detection System Accessories

Water sensors, shut-off valve assemblies, wireless signal repeaters, notification accessories and more.

Accessories for RSC-900 Wireless Wide-Area Leak Detection Systems

A maximum of 29 wireless devices can be added to each RSC-900 system/hub. Add accessories to your existing system via easy QR code scanning. All accessories feature onboard LED indicators for low battery and lost communication, with push notifications to the RSC-900 app. Device name, location and photo can be stored in the app so there’s no guessing when an event occurs.

Wireless Water Leak Sensor

Purchase as many wireless sensors as needed to accommodate your leak and low/high temperature detection requirements. Wireless signal range is 200′ between the sensor and the hub.

Wireless Rope-Style Water Sensor

This rope-style wireless sensor is ideal for hard-to-reach locations; discreet sensing in areas where aesthetics are key; or applications where perimeter coverage is preferable to a single point of contact.

Wireless Signal Repeater

Use the repeater to increase range or improve the signal performance between RSC-900 wireless devices and the hub. Max. 2 repeaters per system.

Wireless Valve & Actuator

Purchase as many actuator/valve assemblies as needed to accommodate your system’s water supply shut-off requirements. Ideal for installations requiring control of both hot and cold water feed lines.

Accessories for FloodMaster® Dedicated-Use Leak Detection Systems

Customize your solution and expand the functionality of your FloodMaster system with our wide range of accessories:

Extra Wired Water Leak Sensors

Standard sensors and 1/2″ elevated sensors are available. Up to 5 additional sensors can be paired with an existing receiver box. Units ship with flying leads.

Sensing Rope Kit

This rope-style sensor is ideal for use with low tanks, or for room perimeter and sub-floor leak detection applications.

Auto Dialer

A convenient, low-cost add-on to send and receive automatic phone alerts whenever your system identifies a fault condition.

Allows for positioning of the RS-080 receiver further away from the valve.

Electrical Plug Interrupter

This power control relay for conventional plug-in Power-Vent gas water heaters automatically turns of the electricity to the appliance when a leak is detected by an RS-094 system.

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