Condo & Apartment Complex Water Leak Detection & Shut-Off Systems

Condo associations and apartment buildings face a unique problem related to undetected water leaks. RDT’s line of water leak detection and automatic shut-off valves can help mitigate loss and damage when they do occur.

Because a large number of units were constructed at the same time, plumbing and water heater failures tend to run in batches. This can easily result in an insurance nightmare from successive claims. Multiple-unit insurance claims are also the norm when one unit’s water leak quickly spreads to involve neighbors on all sides. The hassle of handling the cleanup, mold remediation and required repairs pales only in comparison to irate owners and tenants. When multiple water failures occur in quick succession, insurance companies are quick to increase rates or, even worse, drop coverage.

If your facility has lived through the nightmare of an undetected water leak, or if you are proactively looking to avoid one, RDT can help! We have a complete line of leak detection and automatic water shut-off systems to meet your application requirements and budget.

We’ve helped property manager and condo associations from coast to coast with their water leak detection requirements. Contact us today to discuss your situations – group buy discounts are available!

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