Plumbing Leak Detection for Commercial Property/Facility Managers

Water damage mitigation systems to protect your buildings, your tenants and your bottom line.

Plumbing Leak Detection Systems for Property Managers

Owners and managers of office buildings and other commercial properties face many unique problems related to undetected water leaks. With most office buildings and spaces being unoccupied overnight and on weekends, the potential for catastrophic water damage, high insurance claims and reduced revenue is very real.

While break rooms and other common leak point areas in business offices carry exposure to water damage, for medical and dental offices – where additional water-fed sinks and chairs are the norm – the risk of such damage increases exponentially. If your facility has lived through the nightmare of an undetected flood, or if you are proactively looking to avoid one, our water leak alarm systems can help.

RDT makes plumbing leak detection systems that automatically shut off the water feed when a leak is detected, protecting residential and commercial buildings from catastrophic property damage.

720 gallons of water can be lost daily from a leaking pipe or broken water line

Water damage is the #1 source of commercial property insurance claims

Free White Paper for Property Managers

Resources for Property/Facility Managers Researching Leak Detection & Water Damage Mitigation Systems:

The RDT team works with property owners and managers who are looking to include leak detection solutions as part of their comprehensive Asset Management and Tenant Engagement strategies. We have systems for every space and budget!

We provide a free white paper (click to download the PDF) to help you assess your leak detection needs. To speak with a qualified plumbing leak detection specialist about your building or facility, please fill out the form below or contact us via phone or email.

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