Plumbing Leak Protection Systems for Property Owners & Managers

Who should install plumbing leak protection and automatic water shut-off systems? Only everyone with indoor plumbing – that’s who! Here’s why:

  • “Water damage and freezing”-related homeowner insurance claims averaged $7,958 from 2010-2014.
  • These claims accounted for 33.7% of all Property Damage losses in 2014.

Statistics from the Insurance Information Institute.

Stained walls and ceilings! Ruined hardwood flooring! Soaked carpeting! Destroyed personal property – clothes, furniture, family photos, financial records! Black mold! Business interruption and lost revenue! Insurance claims! Water damage remediation! These are just a few of the reasons to consider installing a plumbing leak protection system.

As anyone who has experienced the devastation caused by an undetected water leak from a second floor washing machine or broken water feed line to a sink or toilet knows, those events are unpredictable and can strike at any time.

More and more frequently, insurance companies are taking the lead in mandating that plumbing leak detection and automatic water shutoff systems like the Reliance RSC-900 be installed after a water damage claim is submitted.

Did you know that homeowners are 3 times more likely to experience water damage than theft in their home?

This same threat exists for commercial and industrial facilities as well. Factor in the damage done in a multiple-floor building, where a small issue on the 3rd floor quickly becomes the problem of everyone on the lower floors. The bottom line is that water leaks can occur anywhere and at any time. Your personal mementos, furnishings, clothes – even your livelihood – are at risk for loss. Leaks that go undetected for even brief periods of time can cause staining of ceiling and walls, ruin hardwood flooring and, if left undetected for longer periods of time, may require expensive mold remediation.

With the recent introduction of the state-of-the-art RSC-900 App-Based Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection kit by Reliance Detection Technologies, water damage mitigation has never been easier! In addition to a “makes sense” user interface, the RSC-900 provides app-based system management to confirm your leak detection system is intact and working correctly – providing 24/7 peace of mind that your home, office and valuables are safe and secure from undetected water leaks.

If your concerns are more focused on a single appliance or other area of concern, RDT also serves as the exclusive distributor of the trusted FloodMaster® brand of appliance-specific automatic water shut-off kits for water heater tanks (RS-094), washing machines (RS-090-E) and simple audible alarm applications (RS-095 & RS-096).

Protect your home, commercial property or facility with RDT leak detection and alarm/shut-off systems. We have a complete line of automatic water shut-off systems to meet your application and budget!

Homeowner Water Leak Protection Systems


Every day we talk to homeowners who have experienced the unexpected consequences of a leaking water heater tank, water filtration system, ice maker, washing machine or plumbing feed line. Learn more about ways our leak detection systems can provide you with peace of mind that you won’t be a victim of undetected water leaks.

Water leak protection for condos and apartments

Condo Associations & Property Managers

Are you currently experiencing the sequential failure of plumbing fixtures? Because multiple units are constructed at the same time, the water heaters and other plumbing fixtures “age out” or tend to fail and begin to leak in batches. By the time you figure out that it’s time to replace all your water heaters, most likely your tenants, owners and – most of all – your insurance underwriter are fed up. Learn more about how we can help you avoid a repeat this problem in the future, or hopefully head it off before it even starts.

Water leak protection for commercial properties

Commercial Property Owners

Just overnight, one undetected water leak can fill your office or business with hundreds of gallons of water. Imagine what can happen over a weekend or, heaven forbid, while you are away on vacation! The business interruption and lost revenue can be crippling. Protect your office, commercial property or facility with RDT Plumbing Leak Protection and Alarm Shut-Off Systems. Along with the FloodMaster® brand of leak detection and automatic shut-off systems, we can meet any application or budgetary requirement!

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