A small, obscure space in a building can bring an enormous, high profile flooding catastrophe!

When water heaters and water tanks are in the space between the structural ceiling and the dropped ceiling – known as a “Plenum” – the scale of the damage from an undetected leak can be huge. FloodMaster’s RS-094-3/4-MK6 Water Leak Alarm and Automatic Shut-Off Kit with step-down transformer and plenum-rated wires is ideal for minimizing water damage when these failures occur in plenum spaces.

Simply install the unit in the desired space and when the FloodMaster sensor detects leaking water, the system will automatically shut off the feed water intake and sound an audible alarm. This closed-loop system disables the cold water supply line to hot water tanks or similar applications with basic plumbing installation.

Typical installations for this affordable and easy to install water alarm include:

– Commercial buildings

– Drop-ceiling plenums

– Attic tanks

Don’t let out of sight plumbing become a water spectacle for your clients. Contact RDT today!

rs-094-mk6 for plenums

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