RS-090-N leak detection kit for existing washing machine installsWhen washing machines are located on upper floors, a failed hose or other unexpected leak can quickly turn into a major disaster. Water damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs, displace tenants in multi-unit residential settings, result in increased insurance premiums, and possibly create other code compliance issues.

RDT is pleased to offer the NEW RS-090-N washing machine leak detection system. This easy-to-install kit automatically shuts off the water supply to the washer and sounds an alarm the instant a leak is detected. It is purpose-built for existing washing machine installations, with an integrated mounting bracket and NPT fittings. Features include:

  • Easy reset for continued protection after addressing a leak
  • Integrated water hammer arrestors
  • A leak detection sensor that fits either under or next to the washing machine

If your property is in the construction process, our popular RS-090-E washing machine leak detection and automatic shut-off kit features an integrated outlet box that makes it easy to monitor new laundry setups in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Leaks often happen happen without warning, so don’t take any chances! Click here for more information (PDF), or contact us for details.

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